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Toothbrush Analogy

clock January 24, 2021 12:24 by author Alex Munro


When I ask my children if they brushed their teeth, they sometimes answer yes even if they didn't brush their teeth, simply because they know that's the right answer.  

I'm not asking my children because I want to get after them for not doing it, it's because I know it will improve their health to form that habit and brush their teeth regularly.  

When God helps me recognize my mistakes, it's not because he wants me to feel bad, it's because he loves me and wants me to be better.


-- Brother Hurd


Florida Day 1

clock November 8, 2017 18:52 by author Alex Munro

The day started out with finishing packing and getting luggage in the Van. Ian’s friend Oliver came over to take him to school we told him he was not going.  We had to be at the airport for our 10:30 a.m. flight.

My dad was going to take us to the airport and take Sam for the day.  Charleen drove us to my dad’s so he could take us. At the airport, we had to check our bags. Our flight was on frontier airlines we had to pay for checked bags and to ensure we had seats together before getting to the airport or pay about double for the checked bags.  While at the Salt Lake airport, we had to take all food and electronics out of our bags it was a new rule.  We got on the plane sitting in the unconvertible seats for only an hour until Denver.   In Denver, we had a little time I got everyone to the Gate and Charleen in her pregnant status said I need food.  Therefore, I let her go get food.  She took some time I was worried, they started preparing to start boarding and she was not back at the gate yet.  They started boarding and Charleen showed up.   We got on another plain and unfortunately, it was the same uncomfortable seats like the last plane.  This time it was three time longer and it was very. that we got there.  When we landed the Car service texted me saying they were a few minutes out, we made our way to the baggage claim.  The driver met us there and helped up take the bags to the car.  We took the 45 to 1-hour drive to the Lego Land hotel.  We answered question about Utah the Church form the drive who was going to do laundry after dropping us off.

 We had to check in to the hotel when we got there, at the time it was the nightly pajama party.  It was very load and kids everywhere.  They have a large area of Legos to play with and we told Cole and Ian to play while we checked in and not to go fare.  We got our keys and we when to our room with Ian and Cole.  The bellhop brought our bags.   While in the room, he explained and gave the boys a treasure map where the boys had to find answers to some questions to get the combination to the safe under the monkey.  When they got it open, they found Lego packets and juice drinks.  We then need to get food.  The boys liked the elevator and Ian liked the woopy cushion corner.  Ian also liked the bunk bed and TV in the boys area.   The only option for food at the time was the Skyline Lounge and so we had to go there.  The boys were to excite and tired they really did not eat.  Then off to bed.

Trip to Virginia Day 3 - Vacation starts maybe

clock November 6, 2014 16:56 by author Alex Munro

The day started out in the hospital with the nursing staff and doctors checking Ian and telling them what he needed to do to get out of the hospital.  Around eleven o'clock Ian was let out but not until they had one made us schedule a follow-up with his doctor and two he go a stash of loot.  Cole and Colette came and picked us up and we went to Colette's house.  Ian as Charleen says was spoiled by the hospital he got a pillow case, blanket, knitted hat, a book, and other goodies.  Ian told Colette, "I am all better, I'm me again."


After being at Colette's for a few hours we left to go to Belvidere plantation, it is a working farm that lets people enjoy amusements they have put on the grounds.  Some amusements include a corn maze, pig races, zip line, slides, bounce pillow, peddle carts, and more.  Ian and Cole first went to the Jumping (bounce) pillow. Ian had fun while Cole was not as excited. 



Ian and Colette slid down the “hole in the hill”, a tube in the hill. Ian was having a lot of fun. Cole was disappointed that we would not let him go down the Tube.   After a few times down the tube Ian and Cole wanted to slide down the slides that went down the hill.  Cole Ian I climbed the hill with Ian and Colette to slide down the side of the hill.  To slide down the tube and slide you had to sit on a burlap sack the sack did not do much to protect you from the bumps in the slide.  

Ian and I also did the ball zone where you use air guns to shoot plastic balls at each other.  There were Pig Races we sat right up front.   

Our trip to Virginia Day 2

clock November 5, 2014 21:21 by author Alex Munro

The morning started early and scary. 

From the last post we put the boys to bed or so we thought.  The boys would not go to sleep.  After many attempts we decided to divide and concur.    Charleen took Cole with her and I stayed in the other room with Ian. Throughout the night Ian did not sleep well and seamed to possibly have difficulty breathing.  He woke up at 4:10 AM and was definitely having issues breathing. 

I grab him rushed into the other room and gave him a blessing when done I told Charleen we needed to get Colette . Char rushed in and Colette was laying in bed, luckily Doug was in the shower.  Colette could hear Ian trying to breath and came right out.  We looked for a urgent care or insti-care.  After a very sort-time we decided to take him to the ER.

We grabbed Cole the dipper bag and were off in the rental car.  The hospital was about ten minutes away.  Colette dropped Charleen Ian and myself at the ER door.  Right as we got in the people at the desk told Charleen to just come through, she was carrying Ian and they could see Ian and the problem he was having in breathing. I stayed out and filled out paper work.  Colette came in and as I was filling out the paper work I thought I had to have some information I did not know.  Colette called Doug to have him look for it in my bag.  He was looking for it when they said they did not need it. 

After giving the paper back Colette, Cole and I went to the room Ian was in.  We got there and Colette said “um we will wait outside”, because there were so many people in the room.  Charleen said they had everyone helping him because he was fighting.  The doctors said he had a very bad case of Croop.  The doctors said because of the medication they gave him and the severity of the croop he would have to be watched.  The Stafford hospital where we went to was as small hospital did not have a pediatric ward.  They had to send him to another hospital, Mary Washington. 

By now Colette had taken Cole back to her house and Cole fell back asleep. The doctors were going to have to transport Ian to the next hospital in an ambulance only one person could go with him in the ambulance.  This made us have a problem.  I need to make my way to the other hospital.  One of the nurses who needed to go to Fredericksburg for a meeting offered to take me to the Mary Washington Hospital.  She had me wait by Starbucks in the lobby of the hospital.  She came out and offered to get me a Cup of Coffee I told her no thank you I do not drink coffee. So she offered to get me a juce. 

The trip took fifteen minutes down old route 1.  During the trip she told me of how she likes lambs canyon and go there in the winter time on one trip she was driving the canyon she thought to herself I need to pull off to turn around she said that she then saw a man out side her car who told her you do not want to pull off here she then saw the car in-front of her turn around so she could and looked to thank the  man and he was not were to be found.  She asked if I was part of “the Mormon group” in Utah I said yes we had a nice talk about the tabernacle and temple square. 

I was dropped off at the ER department of Mary Washington Hospital and talked to the people there explaining that my Son was being transferred to the hospital for Stafford.  After some time they told me that he was just going to be taken to the room when he got there. The staff said that I need to take my car around to the front to get into the room.  I told them I was from out of town and a friend had dropped me off.  So one of the security guards escorted me the long -long way to the room.  

I got to the room and waited a long time then Ian came in On the ambulance germy and he was strapped in the let off the straps and he climbed into the Hospital bed.  Ian had to say in the hospital for another day.  Cole and Colette came later that day to say hi.  Cole had to bring and drag Ian’s old back[pack with wheels as he visited.

Ian did not mind the hospital as he could order Pudding and Chocolate milk for every meal, he said you mean I can order anything that I want and have it brought to me, not to mention the bed went up and down. Ian wanted to take the bed all the way up and down as he was doing this once the nurse came in and told Ian “we need to keep it down”.  Ian wanted Charleen and me to stay the night the Couch or bed if you can call it that was not comfortable. Colette and Doug had Cole all day and night long. 


We were not able to do our scheduled activities Friday, we were going to go into DC and visit the bureu of Engraving and printing and other sites.  We spent the whole day in the hospital. 

Our Trip to Virginia Day 1

clock November 4, 2014 07:34 by author Alex Munro

This last October we went to visit Charleen’s sister in Virginia.  The trip would be eventful; this would be the first time Ian and Cole flew on a plane and Charleen and my first time flying with kids one traveling with an infant on our lap.

The trip started out good other than being held up at security for a few more minutes and Charleen in the hustle and bustle of the airport forgetting her carry-on outside security.  The TSA was nice and had someone put it on the rollers to screen it.  After getting all of our stuff we were off to Gate D5.  We made it there just as they were boarding so unfortunately we were not able to board early like I normally do, to make it easier for this visually impaired man to get to his seat.

Ian was excited as we sat down and as anxious to fly as we waited for the plane to depart the gate.  Cole was content for the most part but wanted to move around.  Once we started moving Cole and Ian were thrilled to be moving and to be able look out the window and see the plane pull away from the airport. Cole when we took off was pointed out the widow and gibbering about something he saw.  Ian thought it was cool to see the little people and cars as he look out.

As we flew and the sun got brighter with the ground being as Ian said later like “little island” he closed the window and decide to draw, write and watch movies or shows.  Cole was mostly entertained throughout the flight there were a few times when Charleen walked the aisle with him. 

When the drink and snack cart came along Cole was really ready for a drink.  We could not bring him a drink through security and did not have time to buy one in the Airport in Salt Lake. As a result he was thirsty and kept asking us to fill his sippy.  So when the cart was coming down the aisle Charleen would tell him that he had to wait for the cart to get a drink.  The cart came and Charleen asked for milk Cole was so excited to get milk.  The cart came a second time latter in the flight and Cole had ran out of milk and was excited once again that he tried handing his sippy to flight attendant.  We made it through the flight with Ian only telling us one he did not feel good near the end of the flight when there was a little turbulence. Ian has in the past has problems with motion sickness why traveling in a car for long distances and mountain roads. We were concerned about this before leaving as we did not want to have a mess to clean up.

We landed in Baltimore early and Colette Charleen’s sister was at the airport waiting.  Thought it was my first time in BWI and did not hear the place where our baggage would we wondered the baggage claim for a while going the wrong then finding our way. 


When we came around the corner Colette yells Ian and Ian got so excited to see her he ran to her. We had gotten there later then everyone else our bags and a few others were the only one left and they had taken the of the caracal and I had to pull them from a roped of area. Once we had our bags we were off to the shuttle to get our car.  We had seen the exit in our wondering so we knew were to go. 

Getting on the shuttle bus was an adventure we had to get Charleen her carryon a medium sized bag, Ian and his carryon, Colette and Cole with the car seat bag and myself with a large bag and carry on and stroller, onto a crouded bus.  Charleen and Ian got in up front Colette said I will take Cole and the car seat and got on in the back I had the large luggage bag and had to put this 50 lb bag on and collapse a stroller that did not want to cooperate.  Somehow I got on in the back standing by the door it was way to full. 

We got to the car rental facility and got our car we paid to have Colette be an additional driver which would help later.  When we got in the car to leave, it was a dodge Journey Charleen was going to drive and Charleen and Colette could not find the keys it was a push button ignition so they got it started but we were still panicked because we would still need to keys. I was about to go ask and Charleen found them on the seat, she was sitting on them.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way form Baltimore to Colette’s house to get something to eat.  It was wearied to look out the window and see the sun set without The Utah Mountain though it was a beautiful site over the river.

We got to Colette house and the kids winded down and we put them to bed, or so we thought.



a night of Bowling

clock October 25, 2013 08:06 by author Alex Munro

We when bowling last night.  We took two of the employees from work that are from out of town.  Ian bowled for the first time at real  bowling.  He had fun a few times he would roll the ball but because it was not rolling as fast as he would like he then decide to chance the ball and kick it. He even beat me (daddy) the first game, during which he got one strike.  We convinced him during the night to use the ramp.



Ian's First Primary Program

clock October 13, 2013 19:39 by author Alex Munro

Today was Ian's first primary program in church.  Ian is a typical four year old, energetic and and gets board of things.  We have been working with him on siting still and on his parts.  He has been able to repeat his parts with little help from us.  Today he sat very well and did his part extremely well.  

His lines were "I am _Ian_. I am a _Super Hero_. But most importantly I am a child of God."

"I know my heavenly father loves me because he gives me _a room_.

the _ are where Ian was able to put his own words.

Cole lost the comb over

clock September 15, 2013 20:55 by author Alex Munro

Today we went to get hair cuts,  as we do every time we go to get hari cuts at Hair Hollow we got our usial cuts.  Durring the time we there Stephanie convinced Charleen that Cole need to loose the Comb over look.  So we had cole long hair on top was cut.  He now look like a blond boy with the only place where his dark hair is remaining is at the very back and the bottom of the head.

A lot of swimming

clock September 4, 2013 18:04 by author Alex Munro

Almost every day from when we got to Vegas to the day we went home we swam.  The first night for only an hour but the other days multiple times a day.  Ian on Saturday and Sunday was Jumping into the deep end of the pool, with his life vest on of course.  Sunday he would do all the jumps the others were doing.  He even let Casey throw him into the water.  He loved playing a game where he would hide a toy gun and say "I have a suprise for you" then shoot you.

Hoover Dam aka The bat Cave

clock August 29, 2013 17:39 by author Charleen

We got up this morning and were in the process of getting kids fed and ready to go and we got a text from Colette saying she expects us to be on the road already and half way there.  I told her we were feeding babies and packing up.  She told me that she was holding Crackling Oat Bran hostage.  

We finished packing Cleaning and we were on our way for the last two hour stretch to Las Vegas.

Upon arriving at grandpa’s house and after Alex unpacked the car we decided to go to Hoover Dam. The GPS go confused and we turned around, Colette was driving I do not want to drive while in Vegas, ad backtracked to get to the Dam.  We beat Carla and Casey there somehow even with back tracking.  Once we got through security we went on the Power Plant Tour.  Cole did really well in the cave and dis not fuss at all.  It reminded us of last year going to Lehman’s Cave with Cooper and how he would not calm down while in the cave so Alex took him out and Ian and I stayed.  The tour was ok.  


The whole time in the caves and the power plant Ian said he was in the Bat Cave. When we went to the overlook Ian was looking over the edge and say a man on a skidoo out into the river saying see it is batman on his bat boat going to out of the bat cave to get bad guys.  When he looked over again and the skidoo was gone he said the batman went into the bat cave over there pointing somewhere on the dam... also saying that is where he come out of the cave on his bat boat. Colette had to keep looking where ever Ian wanted he every 5 seconds would say Colette look or look Colette, or look daddy and Colette.


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