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Hoover Dam aka The bat Cave

clock August 29, 2013 17:39 by author Charleen

We got up this morning and were in the process of getting kids fed and ready to go and we got a text from Colette saying she expects us to be on the road already and half way there.  I told her we were feeding babies and packing up.  She told me that she was holding Crackling Oat Bran hostage.  

We finished packing Cleaning and we were on our way for the last two hour stretch to Las Vegas.

Upon arriving at grandpa’s house and after Alex unpacked the car we decided to go to Hoover Dam. The GPS go confused and we turned around, Colette was driving I do not want to drive while in Vegas, ad backtracked to get to the Dam.  We beat Carla and Casey there somehow even with back tracking.  Once we got through security we went on the Power Plant Tour.  Cole did really well in the cave and dis not fuss at all.  It reminded us of last year going to Lehman’s Cave with Cooper and how he would not calm down while in the cave so Alex took him out and Ian and I stayed.  The tour was ok.  


The whole time in the caves and the power plant Ian said he was in the Bat Cave. When we went to the overlook Ian was looking over the edge and say a man on a skidoo out into the river saying see it is batman on his bat boat going to out of the bat cave to get bad guys.  When he looked over again and the skidoo was gone he said the batman went into the bat cave over there pointing somewhere on the dam... also saying that is where he come out of the cave on his bat boat. Colette had to keep looking where ever Ian wanted he every 5 seconds would say Colette look or look Colette, or look daddy and Colette.

Travel to Vega

clock August 28, 2013 21:59 by author Charleen

We left for Vegas in the late morning.  After some things to we were off.  Ian and Cole were very good Ian watched his shows and Cole slept.  At filmore Carla and Casey mad it there about 1 hour before us we at lunch.

ian was all exited when we stopped asking if we were at Grandpa Kelly's. 


We stopped in St. George for the night and stayed at Alex's Aunt's Home.


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