The day started out with finishing packing and getting luggage in the Van. Ian’s friend Oliver came over to take him to school we told him he was not going.  We had to be at the airport for our 10:30 a.m. flight.

My dad was going to take us to the airport and take Sam for the day.  Charleen drove us to my dad’s so he could take us. At the airport, we had to check our bags. Our flight was on frontier airlines we had to pay for checked bags and to ensure we had seats together before getting to the airport or pay about double for the checked bags.  While at the Salt Lake airport, we had to take all food and electronics out of our bags it was a new rule.  We got on the plane sitting in the unconvertible seats for only an hour until Denver.   In Denver, we had a little time I got everyone to the Gate and Charleen in her pregnant status said I need food.  Therefore, I let her go get food.  She took some time I was worried, they started preparing to start boarding and she was not back at the gate yet.  They started boarding and Charleen showed up.   We got on another plain and unfortunately, it was the same uncomfortable seats like the last plane.  This time it was three time longer and it was very. that we got there.  When we landed the Car service texted me saying they were a few minutes out, we made our way to the baggage claim.  The driver met us there and helped up take the bags to the car.  We took the 45 to 1-hour drive to the Lego Land hotel.  We answered question about Utah the Church form the drive who was going to do laundry after dropping us off.

 We had to check in to the hotel when we got there, at the time it was the nightly pajama party.  It was very load and kids everywhere.  They have a large area of Legos to play with and we told Cole and Ian to play while we checked in and not to go fare.  We got our keys and we when to our room with Ian and Cole.  The bellhop brought our bags.   While in the room, he explained and gave the boys a treasure map where the boys had to find answers to some questions to get the combination to the safe under the monkey.  When they got it open, they found Lego packets and juice drinks.  We then need to get food.  The boys liked the elevator and Ian liked the woopy cushion corner.  Ian also liked the bunk bed and TV in the boys area.   The only option for food at the time was the Skyline Lounge and so we had to go there.  The boys were to excite and tired they really did not eat.  Then off to bed.