This last October we went to visit Charleen’s sister in Virginia.  The trip would be eventful; this would be the first time Ian and Cole flew on a plane and Charleen and my first time flying with kids one traveling with an infant on our lap.

The trip started out good other than being held up at security for a few more minutes and Charleen in the hustle and bustle of the airport forgetting her carry-on outside security.  The TSA was nice and had someone put it on the rollers to screen it.  After getting all of our stuff we were off to Gate D5.  We made it there just as they were boarding so unfortunately we were not able to board early like I normally do, to make it easier for this visually impaired man to get to his seat.

Ian was excited as we sat down and as anxious to fly as we waited for the plane to depart the gate.  Cole was content for the most part but wanted to move around.  Once we started moving Cole and Ian were thrilled to be moving and to be able look out the window and see the plane pull away from the airport. Cole when we took off was pointed out the widow and gibbering about something he saw.  Ian thought it was cool to see the little people and cars as he look out.

As we flew and the sun got brighter with the ground being as Ian said later like “little island” he closed the window and decide to draw, write and watch movies or shows.  Cole was mostly entertained throughout the flight there were a few times when Charleen walked the aisle with him. 

When the drink and snack cart came along Cole was really ready for a drink.  We could not bring him a drink through security and did not have time to buy one in the Airport in Salt Lake. As a result he was thirsty and kept asking us to fill his sippy.  So when the cart was coming down the aisle Charleen would tell him that he had to wait for the cart to get a drink.  The cart came and Charleen asked for milk Cole was so excited to get milk.  The cart came a second time latter in the flight and Cole had ran out of milk and was excited once again that he tried handing his sippy to flight attendant.  We made it through the flight with Ian only telling us one he did not feel good near the end of the flight when there was a little turbulence. Ian has in the past has problems with motion sickness why traveling in a car for long distances and mountain roads. We were concerned about this before leaving as we did not want to have a mess to clean up.

We landed in Baltimore early and Colette Charleen’s sister was at the airport waiting.  Thought it was my first time in BWI and did not hear the place where our baggage would we wondered the baggage claim for a while going the wrong then finding our way. 


When we came around the corner Colette yells Ian and Ian got so excited to see her he ran to her. We had gotten there later then everyone else our bags and a few others were the only one left and they had taken the of the caracal and I had to pull them from a roped of area. Once we had our bags we were off to the shuttle to get our car.  We had seen the exit in our wondering so we knew were to go. 

Getting on the shuttle bus was an adventure we had to get Charleen her carryon a medium sized bag, Ian and his carryon, Colette and Cole with the car seat bag and myself with a large bag and carry on and stroller, onto a crouded bus.  Charleen and Ian got in up front Colette said I will take Cole and the car seat and got on in the back I had the large luggage bag and had to put this 50 lb bag on and collapse a stroller that did not want to cooperate.  Somehow I got on in the back standing by the door it was way to full. 

We got to the car rental facility and got our car we paid to have Colette be an additional driver which would help later.  When we got in the car to leave, it was a dodge Journey Charleen was going to drive and Charleen and Colette could not find the keys it was a push button ignition so they got it started but we were still panicked because we would still need to keys. I was about to go ask and Charleen found them on the seat, she was sitting on them.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way form Baltimore to Colette’s house to get something to eat.  It was wearied to look out the window and see the sun set without The Utah Mountain though it was a beautiful site over the river.

We got to Colette house and the kids winded down and we put them to bed, or so we thought.