The morning started early and scary. 

From the last post we put the boys to bed or so we thought.  The boys would not go to sleep.  After many attempts we decided to divide and concur.    Charleen took Cole with her and I stayed in the other room with Ian. Throughout the night Ian did not sleep well and seamed to possibly have difficulty breathing.  He woke up at 4:10 AM and was definitely having issues breathing. 

I grab him rushed into the other room and gave him a blessing when done I told Charleen we needed to get Colette . Char rushed in and Colette was laying in bed, luckily Doug was in the shower.  Colette could hear Ian trying to breath and came right out.  We looked for a urgent care or insti-care.  After a very sort-time we decided to take him to the ER.

We grabbed Cole the dipper bag and were off in the rental car.  The hospital was about ten minutes away.  Colette dropped Charleen Ian and myself at the ER door.  Right as we got in the people at the desk told Charleen to just come through, she was carrying Ian and they could see Ian and the problem he was having in breathing. I stayed out and filled out paper work.  Colette came in and as I was filling out the paper work I thought I had to have some information I did not know.  Colette called Doug to have him look for it in my bag.  He was looking for it when they said they did not need it. 

After giving the paper back Colette, Cole and I went to the room Ian was in.  We got there and Colette said “um we will wait outside”, because there were so many people in the room.  Charleen said they had everyone helping him because he was fighting.  The doctors said he had a very bad case of Croop.  The doctors said because of the medication they gave him and the severity of the croop he would have to be watched.  The Stafford hospital where we went to was as small hospital did not have a pediatric ward.  They had to send him to another hospital, Mary Washington. 

By now Colette had taken Cole back to her house and Cole fell back asleep. The doctors were going to have to transport Ian to the next hospital in an ambulance only one person could go with him in the ambulance.  This made us have a problem.  I need to make my way to the other hospital.  One of the nurses who needed to go to Fredericksburg for a meeting offered to take me to the Mary Washington Hospital.  She had me wait by Starbucks in the lobby of the hospital.  She came out and offered to get me a Cup of Coffee I told her no thank you I do not drink coffee. So she offered to get me a juce. 

The trip took fifteen minutes down old route 1.  During the trip she told me of how she likes lambs canyon and go there in the winter time on one trip she was driving the canyon she thought to herself I need to pull off to turn around she said that she then saw a man out side her car who told her you do not want to pull off here she then saw the car in-front of her turn around so she could and looked to thank the  man and he was not were to be found.  She asked if I was part of “the Mormon group” in Utah I said yes we had a nice talk about the tabernacle and temple square. 

I was dropped off at the ER department of Mary Washington Hospital and talked to the people there explaining that my Son was being transferred to the hospital for Stafford.  After some time they told me that he was just going to be taken to the room when he got there. The staff said that I need to take my car around to the front to get into the room.  I told them I was from out of town and a friend had dropped me off.  So one of the security guards escorted me the long -long way to the room.  

I got to the room and waited a long time then Ian came in On the ambulance germy and he was strapped in the let off the straps and he climbed into the Hospital bed.  Ian had to say in the hospital for another day.  Cole and Colette came later that day to say hi.  Cole had to bring and drag Ian’s old back[pack with wheels as he visited.

Ian did not mind the hospital as he could order Pudding and Chocolate milk for every meal, he said you mean I can order anything that I want and have it brought to me, not to mention the bed went up and down. Ian wanted to take the bed all the way up and down as he was doing this once the nurse came in and told Ian “we need to keep it down”.  Ian wanted Charleen and me to stay the night the Couch or bed if you can call it that was not comfortable. Colette and Doug had Cole all day and night long. 


We were not able to do our scheduled activities Friday, we were going to go into DC and visit the bureu of Engraving and printing and other sites.  We spent the whole day in the hospital.