The day started out in the hospital with the nursing staff and doctors checking Ian and telling them what he needed to do to get out of the hospital.  Around eleven o'clock Ian was let out but not until they had one made us schedule a follow-up with his doctor and two he go a stash of loot.  Cole and Colette came and picked us up and we went to Colette's house.  Ian as Charleen says was spoiled by the hospital he got a pillow case, blanket, knitted hat, a book, and other goodies.  Ian told Colette, "I am all better, I'm me again."


After being at Colette's for a few hours we left to go to Belvidere plantation, it is a working farm that lets people enjoy amusements they have put on the grounds.  Some amusements include a corn maze, pig races, zip line, slides, bounce pillow, peddle carts, and more.  Ian and Cole first went to the Jumping (bounce) pillow. Ian had fun while Cole was not as excited. 



Ian and Colette slid down the “hole in the hill”, a tube in the hill. Ian was having a lot of fun. Cole was disappointed that we would not let him go down the Tube.   After a few times down the tube Ian and Cole wanted to slide down the slides that went down the hill.  Cole Ian I climbed the hill with Ian and Colette to slide down the side of the hill.  To slide down the tube and slide you had to sit on a burlap sack the sack did not do much to protect you from the bumps in the slide.  

Ian and I also did the ball zone where you use air guns to shoot plastic balls at each other.  There were Pig Races we sat right up front.