After our dear Cooper passed away Charleen was unable to sleep and was very hysteric.  While at the funeral home talking to the workers there, Greg and Crag, we took a break and Charleen's Mid-wife called her or my dad called her mid-wife I am not so sure I am writing this months later. 

After talking to Charleen and realizing her state and need for calmness and sleep she prescribed her two peals Xanax and Ambien. 


Later that night I gave Charleen her pills, I go her to eat something and had her take her pills.  We were talking and Alison came out and was talking to Doug on the phone because he was in Boise.  My parents returned from somewhere and was talking with Charleen.  My dad said, because her domineer changed, "you took your pills didn’t you."  Charleen responded with "hee hee hee."  Then they asked if she took both I said yes and we decided we need to get her in bed.  Alison said to Doug I am going to have to go Char just took an Xanax and an Ambien and I need to help get her down to bed.  Doug said "ok Love you bye" real quick.  As we helped Char down the stairs she said "this is a trip."  once we got Char down stairs and sitting on the bed Alison said to Charleen "now Alex is going to help you get ready for bed if he tell you to lift you are you are going to do what he says." Char in response said "hee hee hee"  I Char's clothes with little help from her, got her into bed and then asked her if she need to go to the bathroom.  She said I don't know.  So to ensure that there was not a problem latter that night I helped her out of bed supported and guided her to the toilet I then proceeded to get her on the toilet aging with no help from her. I asked her after a few minutes if she has done something she said hee no.  I again helped her off the toilet pulled her pants up and took her back to bed.